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I have always said that pick up in bars and clubs is unnatural and does not represent the real world. To learn a new skill, a real skill that will help you pick up a the true hotties then learning to pick up during the day is vital.

Dating in the daytime can seem a bit weird at first if you are used to picking up women in bars or clubs. As you practice the techniques outlaid step by step you will find it is far more natural than any late night boozed up romp.

Alot of the techniques will seem weird when you are reading them but you need to test them in the field to realize there power!

Say you are in a cafe, “starbucks” sitting on one of their couches and a really beautiful women sit next to you...
  • What do you say?
  • Do you say anything at all?

    Daytime Dating Never Sleep Alone is actually devoted to breaking down the all the steps and providing you with all the tools that are required to go from casual acquaintance to late night passion


    For example the daytime dating section that covers getting her phone number:

    Transitioning – when she responds with a thankyou or ... “hi... and you are?”
    Put your hand out to ensure physical contact ask her name and introduce yourself.

    Remember she may not be interested - (boyfriend, wrong time of day)

    Initiating attraction and interest is now vital... There are several things you could do here

    Mutual interest is a great way to stimulate attraction. The conversation wont seem forced as you will have lots of things to talk about. It’s important to understand that you just wont get on with some women. Your beliefs goals and conversational style will clash so its best to recognise these situations when they arise and politely excuse yourself.

    When you find the right women to chat with during the day where the conversation flows naturally you will more easily be able to use transition because trust will be established through mutual interest.

    When chatting let it NOT be a lecture with you talking because you are nervous so that you she has little time to say what she wants to say. I have met lots of guys who have NO IDEA how ridicules they seem when conversing with people.

    A conversation is NOT 80% of you talking or even 80% of them talking. Let it not be an interview with you being the serious questioner either. Daytime dating looks into conversational styles and how to best converse with women during the day.

    Mutual passions are vital so during the introduction phase use questions that search her interest base for conversation topics.


    Obviously not all women that sit next to you in coffee houses are going to be your dream girl. In the qualification phase you look to find if they are someone you want to get to know better.

    Think about topics of conversation that you are interested in. If none of these come up during her time to talk then this is a good sign she might be too different.

    However if you are interested in some of the things she is bringing up even though they are not what you do normally keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind is something that daytime dating refers to often in their book.

    No physical compliments and common past times are a great way to qualify in her mind that you are worth future engagement.

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     Logistical Progression
    The logical progression from hi to interesting engagement to commen past time chat is future engagement, ask if her if she would like to meet up again somewhere. Make this mutually agreeable, get her number if you can in a relaxed manner.

    There are all great methods and systems of moving from each step to getting her number – Daytime Dating has great dialog and real life situations to hold your had through the process.

    In chapter 5 of daytime dating one of the biggest fears of men is tackled head on!


    The approach is similar to many other approaches you will have learnt, I am sure you will have many in your arsenal “Excuse me... Hi, I just noticed ... I really like your...”

    Or keep it low key and talk about a new article she is reading...

    Approach logistics with detailed direct and indirect approach methods.

    If you find the first step the hardest then chapter 5 of daytime dating will help you with this tough first step.

    This potential for rejection is tough for men to get their heads around and is something that you are going to have to teach your self. It’s really just a mindset shift from being a personal attack on you to simply being a “Im not interested at the moment but thankyou”.

    A rejection really is not an attack on you personally so you must learn to ignore past insecurities to succeed with daytime dating.

    The first emotional progression for the women is usually the conversation but it can also be as simple as an eye across the room. When you are at bars early when no one has had any drinks you will find groups separated and not connecting like they would later in the night.

    The difficulty with pick up during the day is you have to deal with REAL LIFE situations. The women is not loosened up by wine or vodka cocktails so you have a little more work to do however the rewards for being able to pull during the day are huge.

    Almost NO competition, great women, limit less opportunities and a relaxed atmosphere. Be the guy to chat with the women, have the courage to do what no other guy is doing.

    If you get over this rejection anxiety then the pickup world will be your oyster. For any women ready this applies to you as well. Guys would love if a women came up and started chatting about mutually interesting subjects.

    Problems with cold approach anxiety include thoughts such as:
  • She will think I’m unattractive
  • She will think I’m weird
  • I wont have anything interesting to say
  • I will stutter
  • I will go silent and red in the face

    Its just not worth the rejection fear

    By reading this you understand the life is about PERSONAL GROWTH

    CHALLENGE these assumptions and false beliefs that you hold so close

    The feeling of regret for not attacking life and not being your own man will linger n your mind if you don’t.


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     Dating challenges

    Daytime dating challenges you to take charge of your dating destiny by eliminating these false insecurities about yourself. Even if some of them are true are they helping you get where you want to go?

    If you are going to try daytime dating your goal will be to get a future date or their number because they will often be busy or the situation (on a bus) might not warrant certain other dating techniques. Dont consider it a failure if you don’t get a future appointment.

    If you approach have a great conversation and nothing else happens then you just gained huge confidence and belief in yourself.

    The great thing about daytime dating is that women will not expect to be approached like this during the day plus they will likely be alone or with a friend. This makes your life alot easier as you don’t have to break group ethos to get her attention.

    The verbal approach of daytime dating

    If you have the balls the best way to approach is with the direct compliment, this can often be tough to pull off as it can come across as cheesy and exposes your intention. Express immediate physical interest. Daytime dating suggest the direct

  • [Get her attention] + [Social Calibration] + [Compliment]
  • The attention part is usually the compliment
  • Social calibration is a little more complex but is covered well in the daytime dating system.

    It involves adaptation on your part with respect to your location. The goal is to ensure that she feels totally comfortable talking to a stranger during the day.

    Something like

    “Hi, I saw you from across the room and I thought you looked gorgeous. I wanted to come introduce myself.”

    Works ok but you much ensure it is completely genuine and that you inject some of your personality into the opener.

    Repeat the above quote and see if it sounds rehearsed...

    You can afford to come across rehearsed this is simply a casual chat about mutually interesting things. If you say the above in a forced robotic manner you are putting the pressure on her with a high chance of a negative response.

    You see you are in a daytime environment so these types of “your attractive” lines are not expected and if you are in a loud environment where others can hear the pressure is really on her to respond.

    If you put pressure on her to respond with a yes or no answer straight up then she will likely say no even if she does find you attractive simply because it is the norm and she does not want to come across to others as accepting an invitation from a stranger during the day

    (e.g in a library where you are overheard with say “I saw you from a across the room, you hot, wanna chat?”.


     In the End
    It’s just often going to end in, “sorry im busy, or sorry im reading”.

    At least give her the chance to respond safely without risk on her part. This is all part of social calibration

    The book daytime dating goes in depth regarding the best ways to use social calibration to better your chances of dating success.

    Here are some other examples:
  • I was just over there with my friends and couldn’t help but notice you…
  • My friend and I saw you standing there...
  • I’m late to a meeting, and I probably shouldn’t be stopping, but I just saw you…

    When complimenting ensure that you are SPECIFIC, if you are unspecific its comes across insincere. E.g certain ways the light catches her hair... “have you just had you hair done? I was distracted and couldn’t concentrate so I had to come over”. This integrates the situation well so you can move seamlessly on to the next topic about the surroundings or common interests eg reading.

    The non verbal approach is often crucial in the success of the verbal approach. Your body language and style is picked up by the girl you are looking to talk to. If you can catch her eye before meeting this will get her thinking about you almost willing her to come over and meet you.

    Regardless of who you are cleanliness and smell is of upmost importance to women so you can be sure she will be judging you on this. Keep you hair well kept and clean, wash regularly and dress well.

    These all add to the non verbal attraction arguably the most important part of the approach. Carry yourself with your head up and shoulders back arms by your side, not crossed to indicate you are open and ready for connection.

    Look her in the eyes when she speaks and ensure your shoulders and hips are facing hers when you speak.

    These are all POWERFUL subconscious elements of approaching and communicating with women that will ensure your success.

    Daytime Dating runs you through step by step so don’t worry if your a little confused. (Most guys are)


    Many guys get nervous and insecure if they do not have control over the situation so they hurry their speech and end up coming across looking silly. Pause between sentences while maintaining strong eye contact.

    If you are really good with the eye contact often is does not even matter about what you are saying the two of you will automatically start smiling and giggling together.


    The daytime dating book covers approach in depth: How to approach women who are walking on the street coupled with diagrams as well as other more formal settings.

    Daytime Dating Not Only Covers

    Attraction, Conversing, Approach And Daytime Dating Game but a whole new approach to dating.


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